Frequently Asked Questions

1: Can children take part?

YES! All children must be over 1m tall to take part in an adult show. If there are a lot of children they can go round in their own group with their own compere. If there are only a small amount of children we can make up a family group.

2: Can disabled people take part?

YES!  There may be some Inflatables that are not suitable dependent upon disability.  However, there are games at the end which can be taken part in without going on or over the inflatable.

3: What is the duration of a show approximately?

A show lasts approximately about 4 to 4.5 hours with a break half way.  However, we have been asked for shows between 1 and 5 hours which we can accommodate for.

4: How long does it take to setup and take down?

We always arrive the day before the show and provide our own security.  If safe to do so, we will setup on arrival.  If not it will take us approximately 4 hours to set up on the day of the show.  It take about 3.5 hours to take down.

5: Do we cover the whole of the UK?

YES! Not only do we cover the whole of the UK, we will travel worldwide.

6:  Is all equipment BS standard?

YES! All our equipment is tested to BS standard with proof of certificates.  All electrical items are PAT tested and checked daily.  We only use British insurance for public and employee’s.  We carry PPL and PRS licenses.

7:  Water?

We do require 1000 litres of water to fill our pool, which is then distributed between the games.  The pool can be filled by a normal garden water tap or you may ask the fire brigade to fill the pool with CLEAN FRESH water.

8: First Aid?

As in all sporting events you are required to provide a first aider at your event.  An ambulance is not necessary, but be rest assured our safety record is second to none.

9: How do you book a show?

First, enquire about the date you would like for your event, either by phone or E-Mail.  You will then receive a quote.  If you are happy with the quote you will receive the necessary paper work.  You are required to send this back to us signed within 10 days, and the deposit payable in 30 days.

10: Staff?

We always supply eight talented staff, to ensure the smooth running of your event

11: Stage Show Vehicle

Our impressive bespoke vehicle is a de-mountable lorry and drag. It is 58ft in total length, our boxes are de-mountable so getting into venues is not a problem if normal 7.5 ton vehicles can access. They also weight approximately the same as a normal 7.5 ton lorry and fitted with special town and country tyres. It can be situated on the sidelines and used as a backdrop/stage, or they can be placed on hard standing next to the site. If we have to demount the lorry to take each unit in separately you will need to supply a secure place to leave the trailer that the boxes are mounted on.

This bespoke vehicle boasts a stage, speaker flaps for the concert sound system, a brand new 40Kva generator and is the focal point of the whole show, all sign written.