Corporate Team Building

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Our It's A Knockout event is high energy, colourful and supreme fun. We have a selection of large scale inflatable games and activities and we put these together with a giant scoreboard, sound system and genial host. The result is a spectacular event that often becomes an annual contest for those who take part. Teams will go head to head to battle it out on team activities.

Teams are taken around the course in a round robin or a double round robin.  A typical example for 24 teams would be 4 groups: A,B,C and D.  Each group will contain 60 contestants which is split up into 6 teams of 10 . Everyone in the group will play against each other during the show. Each group will be allocated their own compare, complete with a radio microphone so we never miss a joker being played or an exciting moment. It is the same window frame if we are taking 60 or 480 contestants.  If more teams are added we generate more groups with more compares. What is more important; no teams are waiting around to play any of the games. All of our Inflatables are inflated at the same time.  We can facilitate this by using a 40kva diesel generator that is customized and permanently fitted into our lorry. They are not inflated one by one as contestants arrive at the games. Teams are welcome to wear fancy dress, with no sharp objects and it is advisable to remove any form of jewellery.