Charity Fundraising

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Charity Fundraising. Over the last thirty-seven years, Dave John B's It's a Knockout Roadshow has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for many charities. It is a great way to get together your corporate sponsors, have a ball and raise lots of cash! Apart from the obvious money raised from team sponsorship, many other opportunities to raise money exist and include game and T-shirt sponsorship and arena banner advertising.

 More teams means more money raised, and sponsorship is the key!

Each team should aim to raise at least £500, that's 10 members in each team getting 25 sponsors at £2 each. Don't cap it there though! Encourage the teams to raise as much as possible, a prize could even be given to whichever team raises the most money. With all our units, we can cater for up to 100 teams a day, that's around 1200 contestants.